Every year hundreds of students pass out from colleges, universities, and schools after which they look for jobs. Many students that pass out from the USA after using optional practical training face lots of issues.

They are offered jobs in their field by many employers under which they have to select the most accurate ones that can build their careers. A student can find OPT jobs in USA and should be very careful while reading the job description. Let us see and understand the sections that are given in job descriptions and how one should read them carefully:

  • The intro part

Every job description has an intro part after the heading. It can be like a small summary of the job profile. A student should read the intro part carefully and try to catch the keywords.

A keyword can be related to what is OPT for them, their history, and some of their small achievements. A student should not miss the intro part of the job description as it works as a summary for the whole proposal.

  • Role and responsibilities

Companies that hire OPT students describe the roles and responsibilities in the bullet so that a student can go through them quickly. A student should take some time to read their role and responsibility after joining the company or employer.

This section talks about the duties of the candidate in the company and their role with the client or the department they will be working with. This section can also talk about the optional practical training terms that are related to the duties of the candidate.

As there are many kinds of OPT jobs in USA, a student has to keep in mind their responsibility towards OPT and the employer.

  • Requirement

The requirement part of a job description talks about the educational and skilled requirements of the student. OPT student jobs can be part-time as well in which requirements are highlighted by the employer. 

A requirement is the most important part of any job description as it can also relate to the eligibility of the student with the job profile. A student should cross-check all the requirements that are mentioned in the description with their own achievements.

  • Pay

The section mentioned in the job description is not always visible. There are some OPT jobs for international students that are unpaid. A student can check if there is anything mentioned here or not.

Companies that hire OPT students often communicate in advance about the payment system of the profile. If the response has been in the favour of the payment then a student should read and even negotiate with it if required.

  • Keywords

There are always keywords in the description of jobs for OPT students. A keyword can be found everywhere in the job description. A student has to look for it.

A student can find keywords in the relation to what is OPT, what are the roles, what are the policies, and how the employment opportunity can change their career for good.