Ways To Use Twitter For OPT Jobs 

Twitter is one of the most powerful platforms. The world watches everything and everyone on Twitter. So, why not use it for job search? Why not look for solutions for what is OPT and opportunities?

There are no such rules that stop a student from finding OPT jobs in USA with the help of Twitter. Let us see some steps towards it:

1. Make an OPT profile

The foremost thing that pops up on any page when we visit is login or sign up. So, it is very important to make a profile on Twitter. The profile of an international student must include their educational background and some other information. The profile picture, about, date of birth, experience, and much other information are also required to complete the profile. 

2. Search the profiles

Companies that hire OPT students are also available on Twitter, so one can simply search it. A student can also use keywords like OPT student jobs, part-time jobs in the USA, OPT jobs in USA, and many more.

There are many students that do not know any company by name that can hire them so they can use such keywords.

The profiles of the companies that hire OPT students do have such keywords that make the search of a student easy. A student can simply search and follow them if there are no job openings.

3. Find the vacancies

After finding the companies or the keywords that led to following some of the employers, a student can look for vacancies. Optional Practical training often comes with many questions and options.

A student can make their own filter in their profile so that only interested employers can approach them. Apart from that, they can also add filters on Twitter while looking for OPT opportunities.

OPT jobs for international students are available with hashtags and keywords, so a student can search them with the help of a few words only.

4. Notifications

Just like every other social media handle, one can operate through different gadgets and get notifications as well. Optional Practical training is something that is temporary and needs to be notified. 

When applying for any job or following any company in the same field, a student can active their notifications and stay updated. A student can also get notifications on their email so that they do not miss anything.

Notifications are useful for both job hunting and entertainment.

5. Communicate on Twitter

Just like many social media, there is a feature of messaging. A student can contact other employers or students and grow their network. A student can also ask questions about what is OPT and what are the jobs for OPT students that are recruiting actively.

Communication is very easy on Twitter and there are many official or professional contacts that can be made here. A student also has the option to add their email address and mobile number so that an employer can communicate with them.

Finding a job becomes easy when a student is comfortable in communicating with professionals on social media portals like Twitter.