Best Opt jobs portal in the USA

The aftermath of the coronavirus apocalypse has crushed global businesses down to their knees. Many budding and big businesses are now starting from scratch to gain pace with time. Employees are the heart and guts of a company. Hence, global businesses are actively hiring for various roles across the market. 

But again, the competition is cutthroat in the job market, and this article is a silver lining for you! Yes, you've read that you can ace the job interview with the OPT program and land your dream opt job in USA; isn't that amazing? 

If you have no clue about what is OPT and how to apply to the best opt jobs portal in the USA, don't worry. We've got you covered. Let's start with "OPT" before moving further on this topic. 

What is OPT? How does it work? 

Yes, you can indeed pursue your OPT with your higher studies. OPT ( Optional Practical Training) is a program that allows international students to get opt jobs in USA for a starting period of 12 months without disturbing their studies. The main highlight of this program is to help students master the real-world skills that will make them stand out from the line among other aspirants. 

Who can apply for OPT?

The recent guidelines say that anyone who has an F-1 visa and is pursuing an academic program in the USA for a minimum of 1 year can apply for OPT. Also, you need to have job offers if you want to apply for OPT. Also, note that you need EAD ( Employment Authorization Document) from USCIS ( United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) to work for companies that hire OPT students. 

How long does it take for Optional Practical Training to be approved in 2022?

This process is tedious and can take a couple of months or even longer. According to the USCIS, the OPT application can take 90 to 120 days to get accepted. If it's taking longer than 90 days, we recommend you to follow the following steps, which include the following- 

  • Search on Google USCIS and log into the USCIS website to check the progress of your OPT card application. 
  • Register a case inquiry to inform you that your application process takes longer than usual. 
  • You can also try their hotline customer care services at 1-800-375=5283 to take a quick update of your application. You need to provide them with your receipt number. 

How to apply for the best OPT jobs in USA?

The treasure hunt to get the best job opportunity in the USA has gotten a lot of hype in the past few decades, so it's not going to be simple but not impossible either. Many aspirants dream of working with well-reputed companies headquartered in the USA. But at the initial stages have to face lots of hardships and failure due to a lack of knowledge and guidance. The first step is to register yourself on a reliable opt job portal to be under the radar of top companies hiring international students in the USA.  

Also, many pirate recruiters are fake and might ask for your details or money in the name of advance to get a direct selection in the company; watch out for that! If you're on a job hunt, then try OPTnation. 

Why choose OPTnation? 

OPTnation is deemed as one of the reliable and verified job portals that assists opt students to land a perfect job of their interest. It is one of the best Opt jobs portals in the USA used by millions of aspirants and employers globally; it is legal for sure. 

Does OPT nation help students to get jobs in the USA?

Yes, OPT nation is the one-step solution! This is one of the Best Opt jobs portals in the USA that provides training, opt resume-making guidance and the best jobs in the USA. 

Closing thoughts 

If you have finished your higher studies and plan to settle in the USA with your dream job, this dream can come true with OPTnation. OPTnation is one of the prominent and best Opt jobs portals in the USA. OPT Nation is a nexus of professionals that are solely dedicated to making the hunt for perfect jobs and internships easy for international students. With state-of-the-art website technology, OPT nation filters the best job for students of their field of interest, ability, talent, and requirements. 

OPT Nation also provides the best opt resume making and job placement programs for students. OPT Nation is the best cognition centre for both recruiters and aspirants. All you have to do is to register yourself on the portal, totally free of charge. OPT nation has made the uphill battle for students to get a job easier. Register yourself, and make your dream come true!