Are you among many OPT candidates in USA that are struggling because of an unclear tongue? Are you facing issues in the classroom because no one is teaching you that way? 

If yes, then this article is for you. Many international students are aiming for entry-level OPT jobs. But facing issues due to their reason. But now one can improve their language with the help of these factors:


The most fun and jolly way to learn is through music. Students who travel from  OPT jobs in USA to the other can have English music as their companion. There is time for traveling so one can use them wisely. 


Movies are also very useful. A student can take the help of subtitles to understand the dialogue. One can start with short films and then choose according to their interest. Movies can be fun to watch, a stress reliever, and also a good language teacher. With practice, one can learn.


No need to start with thick novels, one can start reading English from short books or newspapers. Jobs for OPT students are meant for training, one can train for this too.


OPT candidates in USA have a lot of listening to do. They can use their daily tasks for improvising. One can also start with listening to a documentary or their favorite celebrity so that their interest is maintained. 

The main aim is to catch the right or wrong pronunciations. One can understand the difference after listening to the same word more than once.


Speaking is the most important part. Only understanding and listening are not enough. Optional practical training jobs in USA do give challenges to students. One can start with small communication among their friends of employers.

A student can make small conversations that can also help them in learning new words and their pronunciations.